Every kitchen in America has a fridge that has magnets. Whether they are utility or holding up pictures, they’re there. Why not have your logo within reach of anyone needing a bottle opened and keep up the kids’ pictures at the same time? Win/win!

Lanyards are part of everyday life. We use them for our work ID cards, event ticket displays, to carry keys, etc… If people are going to use lanyards anyway, why not help your customers have your logo on them at all times with Fields’ 3/4″ recycled lanyards? BRILLIANT!

We schedule everything. Every year, we need a new calendar – until now. Let your brand help people to keep their family planning in tact – without the need to replace the calendar with someone else’s brand. Stay relevant, my friends.

Showdown Displays continues to lead with this great Impress Oval Counter Kit. Easy set-up and great for quick presentations and document signing. As the name implies, you will impress with this great counter kit.

What an amazing idea!! Fields Manufacturing truly is bringing environmentalism to the forefront. Read a book – plant a tree with this unique bookmark: Spruce Plant-A-Shape Bookmarks are a great way to keep your business name tied to the eco-friendly movement.

Perfect for presentation spaces, this 3-shelf cascade merch kit from Showdown Displays is a perfect fit for the EuroFit line. Just another example of why they’re the leader in the display category for promotional products.

We love our dark sunglasses! From “I wear my sunglasses at night” to “dark Sunglasses”, it’s part of our culture. Fields knows this and has a great package for their brandable dark sunglasses.

These beautiful mugs from Webb Company are stainless steel, so they keep very well, and they’re powder coated with stunning renditions of whatever logo you like. Your logo will be seen by many, as people will not want to forget these at home.

When someone receives the Majestic Eagle Award by Crystal D, they know they are not only truly appreciated, but their achievements and exploits have been fully rewarded. Very few other awards can come close to the beauty and, well…the majesty of this award.